Dear Hennepin County Residents:

It's an honor to represent the people of northwest Hennepin County on the Hennepin County Board.

As your county commissioner, I’m committed first and foremost to being a voice for the often forgotten property tax payer in Hennepin County. We in government at times lose track of the fact that every dollar we spend comes from the constituents we serve. We need to be more careful and responsible with that money and be certain that we are spending it on those things that are most important.

I believe that Hennepin County taxpayers have high enough property taxes already and that county government can provide all of its core services - and more - with the amount of money it already has.

Specifically, I believe the county should place top priority on public safety, transportation and providing help to the most vulnerable in society (for example, the physically and developmentally disabled, elderly residents and the mentally ill).

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions about county matters, please feel free to contact me at


Jeff Johnson

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